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Tel aviv life & travel guide

Tel aviv TelAviv  City - The complete travel guide for Tel aviv TelAviv  ,Israel.Complete information about tourist attractions, restaurants, Coffee shops, hotels, hostels, events, shops,Map and much more in Tel aviv TelAviv  City.
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Lettuce Eat


Lettuce Eat

Let us guide you through the smorgasbord of international and local cuisine on offer in Tel Aviv.
Fun and Fusion at Yavne Montefiore
Fittingly located on the attractive Montefiore street in central Tel Aviv, Yonathan Roshfeld's Bistro scores high whilst making you feel like the winner
By : Four22
A slice of Italy
Is this Rothschild Avenue or a Piazza in Rome? Rustico serves Italian classic cuisine with plenty of atmosphere
By : Four22
Mezze is Tel Aviv’s non-political answer to herbivore fare; wholesome, straightforward and served with love
By : Four22
Kosher cooking to wow your trousers off!
Hayarkon 99 proves itself in the gourmet category, leaving even the fittest eater in a huff from taste-bud workout!
By : Four22
Over the Moon
Finally, authentic sushi in Tel Aviv at Moon Sushi Bar, 58 Bograshov Street
By : Perely
Let's do lunch
Petrozilya, a fresh and kosher Israeli style bistro on Rothschild Boulevard, offers fresh lunch fare at fair prices
By : rachel 27422
Dinner by the Sea
London Resto-Cafe fills its 500-seater capacity near nightly for 35 years. We had to check out their recipe for success.
By : Four22
SouPizza - That’s Amore!
Local Italian place makes great soup, pizza and pastas with a generous helping of love and its all kosher!
By : rachel 27422
Just what the Dr. ordered
Down in old Jaffa, Dr. Shakshuka serves up tasty Libyan fare you won't forget.
By : rachel 27422
Skewered in Hatikva Qtr
Located down in the Hatikva quarter, Shipudey Hatikva is a family style restaurant that will treat you like a cousin.
By : rachel 27422
Sophisticated fare found!
Restaurants and food seldom render me speechless or awestruck and nowhere in Tel Aviv has that happened, until I ventured to Jaffa to try the seaside fare at Yona.
By : AC 45
Frill-free flea market munch
Italkiya Bapishpeshim melds good Italian eats with friendly service in a merry atmosphere.
By : Four22
At the top of Azrieli
2C Is The restaurant at the top of Azrieli Center, where you go to see and be seen, Kosher style.
By : Romy 27302
Bewitched at Bagnolet
Chef Kobi Kaatz, opens a new restaurant with come-hither power that will have you bent over with desire and shot up with glee.
By : Four22
Pump up your passions at Bellini
Bellini sophisticatedly serves up classic Italian dishes that arouse amor for the Mediterranean art of consumption. Treat yourself to several hours of palate pleasing perfection!
By : Four22
Go! Go! Going to Giraffe
Giraffe Noodle Bar has the mother load of menus for Asian Fusion food lovers. One trip is not enough to sample through the menu.
By : AC 45
Drop me off at Dim Sum Station!
Authentic Asian food abounds at Dim Sum Station. Small restaurant packs a big palette punch!
By : AC 45
Oh Noodle you didn’t!
Nestled into a street-front row of stores and restaurants is the perfect Asian-style eatery for those pesky noodle cravings. Go Noodles is a Must Go!
By : AC 45
Friday Lunch at The Brewhouse
A hint of European charm and Israeli home brew nestled into Rothschild Avenue. The Brewhouse is a solid choice anytime!
By : oliviavellabetzalel
Sweet Samplings at Salt!
Festive fare meets by-the-sea-side breeze in quietly seductive boutique quarters. Hotel dining at its finest!
By : Four22
Feeding on barracudas
Romantic Kosher dinner by the sea? Yes, please! Armando’s is a tasty and elegant choice
By : AC 45
Classy Sushi on Shabazi
Savory, unexpected Japanese cuisine at Okinawa Sushi Bar in Neve Tsedek scores high points for environment, menu, presentation, food and service.
By : oliviavellabetzalel
Kibbutz charisma meets Operatic highs
Calmly digest a piece of Theatre or Opera across the show halls while munching down on gourm-icious Chef performance in a no-frills dining room.
By : Four22
Going Pacific in the Mediterranean
Crowne Plaza Hotel’s in house restaurant lets you fuse Asian and Mediterranean cuisines while overlooking the international beach crowd on its shores below.
By : Four22
Color me Korean with a dash of spicy
Korean cooking secrets unravelled on small scale at the Ambassador's Israeli headquarters.
By : Four22
The Eighth Rib gets down to the bone
A side cut in a side dish on a side street means there’s something more to be had up front
By : Four22
Don’t be a square, eat a square!
Beat squaredome by rounding over your belly at heart-of-Tel Aviv’s Kubiyot
By : Four22
Dallal does it again–proves itself to be an A-class establishment of wining, dining, customer care and guaranteed satisfaction.
By : Four22
For anyone that has followed the steps of Gregory in Shantaram, Indira is a perfect way to continue down the path of life in Mumbai while in Tel Aviv.
By : Lauren
Santiago’s Daily Catch
Rather than just trying to catch a giant marlin for eighty-four days, The Fishermen Restaurant in Jaffa port has day to day success.
By : Lauren
SHEla, MElikes!!
If you know what’s good for you, or wish to do well unto another, then a mealtime visit to Sheila is an act of good will and an A-class party for your palate!
By : Four22
Getting Back Siam…
Thai House or "Bait Thailandi" authentic restaurant takes great pride in the freshness of their ingredients.
By : Lauren
Funky Italian
Is it a Record Shop? Is it a Bar? Is it a cool new Radio Station? No, it’s an Italian Restaurant! Finally, my curiosity was satisfied when I found out what lay beyond Radio Rosco’s sign on Allenby st.
By : oliviavellabetzalel
Relax, take it sitting down
This past Thursday evening my friend and I went to check out "Hasushia" on Ibn Gvirol, that was recently renovated and made into a sit-down restaurant.
By : Tal Nimrodi
A pinnacle of cozy sophistication
Gourmet grandma garb at "Cucina Tamar" is as authentic as Italian gets!
By : Four22
Romantic night on the town
I like to think of myself as having a sophisticated pallet so I went on a search to find my true match. It was when I entered "Mel and Michelle" that I really felt at home.
By : Tal Nimrodi
Flap your fins for respectable raw!
Sushi Bar offers honest eats and a warm, sociable environment in the Bazel Square hood.
By : Four22
Deep Blue Sea Scrumptiousness
I had the pleasure of visiting Goocha, a pescetarian’s paradise, on the corner of Dizengoff and Ben Gurion.
By : oliviavellabetzalel
I Love Pizza
Alice pizzeria is hosting a passionate pizza event in the city for every cheese, carb, and alcohol lover.
By : Tel aviv city editor
A Place of Tradition
Hidden away behind drawn curtains in a semi- industrial area in south Tel Aviv lies a little piece of living history.
By : oliviavellabetzalel
Treat Your Woman Well
No matter how seemingly cliche, there is no way to her heart like a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day.
By : Tel aviv city editor
Fine Feast Fit for Kings
Coffee Bar is elegant yet down-to-earth bistro awakens you beyond what any cup of morning brew could.
By : Four22
Seafood by the Seashore
Boya boasts fresh sea fare daily, but lacks a little anchoring as far as personality and charmed service go.
By : Four22
A Winter Menu Gemstone
The seaside located restaurant, Turquoise, serves lighter, yet flavorful, versions of wintery favorite foods.
By : Tel aviv city editor
Dine Into 2011 in Sophistication
Dallal in Neve Tzedek serves up a special menu for the New Year’s Eve celebration delighting customers.
By : Tel aviv city editor
Get Your Chopsticks Ready
Sekai serves up sushi that not only looks and tastes amazing, but is kosher too!
By : Erick Weiss
Seaside Tastings
For the first time, the Namal spices up its scene by injecting some sensational Israeli food tastings.
By : Tel aviv city editor
Point Your Fork To Pen 26
The new spot by the Carmel Market? An affordable restaurant to dine at after an afternoon of haggling.
By : Tel aviv city editor
Serving Up a Smile
Dallal delivers creativity and class for the gourmet budget in Neve Tzedek.
By : Four22
The Mediterranean Gone Romantic
Vintage chic and a secret garden set the tone for delicious dining at this hush-hushed bar-restaurant.
By : Maya Shapira
Serenity and Scrumptiousness
Located on the bustling Hashmonaim Street, Tamara Bistro is a perfect third date destination.
By : Unknown
Back to Yiddish Basics
In the midst of the chic center city, diners can enjoy their favorites that Bubbe used to make.
By : Erick Weiss
A Neve-Tzedek Must
Subtle and chic, Suzanna provides the quintessential dining experience.
By : Localista
Pasta-tively “Alloring”
On my first day in the White City, five years ago, I had noticed this place at 60 Rothschild Boulevard.

By : Erick Weiss
Chow Down and Chill Out
Versatility takes shape with home-cooked, ethnic inspired foods, right in the heart of Dizengoff Center.
By : Localista
Live To Eat
Talk to a Tel Avivian about Sheinkin Street, and he will answer: Orna and Ella.
By : Erick Weiss
Capturing Carpaccio
For those with taste buds craving adventure, this restaurant's main ingredient will satisfy any foodie.
By : Erick Weiss
Making a Mark on Dizengoff
“Ducks” swam away and re-surfaced as the new and improved Caffe Marco.
By : Erick Weiss
Brunch Treat at Mel and Michelle
Sleep in and dine out for a real gourmet weekend.
By : Tel aviv city editor
99 Ways to Dizengoff
Bistro 99 Does Not Disappoint on Dizengoff.
By : Tel aviv city editor
Rustico: A Slice of Italy in Israel
Italy in Israel never tasted so good.
By : AnnieMac
The Orient Invades Tel Aviv
From August 23-27, the Sheraton Hotel hosts a taste of Korean cuisine.
By : Tel aviv city editor
Mexican in Florentine
Mezcal takes on Mexican cuisine and hits the spot for all your Tequila shots
By : Anna Wexler
A Gem in Jaffa for any “Foodie”
Nestled in an Ancient Jaffa courtyard: modern food at affordable prices!
By : AnnieMac
Having Lunch in Sin City
Quit worrying about stretching your shekels- you may have to worry about stretching your stomach instead!
By : Localista
A Mediterranean Treat
Sophistication and service fuse for an exquisite, international dining experience right in Tel Aviv’s port.
By : Liss
Bugsy- A Florentin Hotspot
The Bugsy Restaurant and Bar: Some may try to replicate, but they won’t duplicate.
By : AFreeManInIsrael
Salivating Seafood...Seaside
A quaint, rustic sea side feel, Fortuna Del Mar is a real Tel Aviv treasure.
By : Liss
Tapas with a Twist
Cordovero offers a unique take on tapas in the heart of Florentine.
By : Anna Wexler
Sushi and Samba in the City
Japan Meets South America in Israel.
By : Unknown
Loveat: A Chain That Definitely Doesn’t Feel Like One
Very few cafes offer up such a large variety of food, while still keeping it as quaint as a local café.
By : benlkurtz
Café Bialik: Breakfast or Lunch, This Place Hits the Spot
Located on Allenby Street, Café Bialik offers up great food any time of the day.
By : benlkurtz
Pronto: Classic Italian in Tel Aviv
You see basic trattorias all over Tel Aviv. If what you’re looking for is something more intimate and classy, Pronto is the place to go.
By : benlkurtz
Burgers of All Kinds Right Here in Tel Aviv
One might be surprised how many burger places there are in Tel Aviv, but I assure you, there are many, and many are worth going to check out.
By : benlkurtz
Nina: Perfect Coffee in a Parisian Atmosphere
I’ve been searching for decent espresso since I arrived in Tel Aviv, and Nina has finally provided for me (and hopefully, you).
By : benlkurtz
Assif: Deliciousness In a Tiny Nook in Neve Tzedek
Don’t let Assif’s small space throw you off, because the flavors are huge.
By : benlkurtz
Sakura: Traditional Japanese in Tel Aviv
Most Japanese restaurants try to impress with japanese fusion style food. Sakura gets along just fine with no nonsense food.
By : benlkurtz
Chinese Cuisine Done Well at Long Sang
Long Sang is a no frills Chinese food that we all know and enjoy; but I must say it’s the best of its kind at least that I’ve eaten here in Tel-Aviv.
By : benlkurtz
Comfort Food at Hashdera 34
Hashdera 34, located on Ben Gurion street, is a local favorite: and for good reason. The food is inexpensive and hearty, and the portion size is enormous.
By : benlkurtz
Moon, Where the Sushi is Out of This World!
From the second I arrived in Tel-Aviv, people kept saying to me: “you’re a chef? You have to go to Moon”.
By : benlkurtz
Kai Fresh Sushi, a fun take on an old cuisine
A traditional sushi restaurant with unconventional appeal brings fresh sushi to Tel Aviv. Sushi in Tel-Aviv is not something we’re without. But to find something different than everything else is hard to do.
By : benlkurtz
Kimel, A Jewel Among Rocks
There is a stigma among many tourists that you cannot find New York City quality food in Israel. I challenge them to go to Kimel, and I dare them to say I’m wrong.
By : benlkurtz
Middle Eastern Cuisine Straight From Your Home Kitchen
Cassarol is a middle eastern bistro with an amazing menu of home cooked food that warms your heart and fills your belly.
By : benlkurtz
Wine, Seafood, Jazz and Slavic Monsters
Located in an almost hidden area on Hayarkon Street, Baga Yaga is a restaurant with a great atmosphere and a friendly staff.
By : Zachary 515
A Night With The Wolfs
The search for an American classic in Tel Aviv 
By : benlkurtz
Dinner with a View at Manta Ray
Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Manta Ray is an excellent spot for seafood-lovers to dine.
By : Steiny
Losing yourself in the romantic ambiance
Herbert Samuel is a fine dining experience where guests can enjoy tapas sized portions of meat and Mediterranean seafood.
By : Josh Lichtenstein
Eat Your Heart Out
The Tel Avivian response to the Haifa sandwich regime
By : miry
Dim Sum
Dim Sum noodle and sushi bar offers hand rolled sushi and the most extensive selection of dumplings in Tel Aviv. The beautiful dining room and friendly staff make this a great place to take a date or grab a drink with friends.
By : Josh Lichtenstein
Bariba’s serene atmosphere and unique to Tel Aviv concept caters to the healthy minded, kosher vegetarian consumer located just north of the port.
By : Ana Finkel
Rak Basar: Meat Restaurant
Rak Basar is a meat lover’s paradise and a great restaurant to bring a date or have a special evening with friends.
By : Josh Lichtenstein
24 Rupee
24 Rupee brings Indian food to South Tel Aviv at very affordable prices.
By : Jessikah
For a taste of Mexico in the heart of Tel Aviv, try Mexicana restaurant.
By : Jessikah
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